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Heathcare Staffing


Northbound is Healthcare Contingent Workforce provider. We work with hospitals, clinics and life sciences industries and provide solutions for your staffing needs.

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Northbound has over 19 years of experience in supporting our customers for their contingent workforce needs in all categories of IT, Professional services and Light industrial. Partners with several FORTUNE 100 customers

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Northbound is your cost effective solution for IT based projects. We leverage the cost savings of offshore development and utilize the strength of an onshore team to ensure your projects are in control with our U.S based resources.

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Cloud-focused application development, migration and implementation
Tailored cloud strategy that helps support your business objectives, operational requirements and organizational priorities.
On-Shore, Off-Site (ONSOS) solution; Full-cycle project design and development at our local US offices
Winner of “Best Places to Work award” shows commitment to employee satisfaction and hence customer success

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Wide range of mobile application development solutions
Build any app with any combination of features and native device abilities
Utilize mobile devices to access, monitor and control connected devices either locally or remotely

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Link business strategy to business intelligence, information management, performance management and analytics to optimize results
Better collect, manage and share meaningful information across your organization
Leverage today’s newest technologies to improve your efficiency and lower cost
Support or fully manage Data Warehouse, Data Acquisition (ETL) and BI architecture and development projects

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Welcome to Northbound LLC

Northbound is an established, award-winning company and is a Technology solution provider, Technology solution Integrator, Technology Re-sellers and Staffing partners for several Fortune 100 customers.

We are dedicated to growing our clients’ success through offerings across critical areas of the enterprise: healthcare, IT project services, cloud services, mobile solutions, data management/intelligence and ERP/CRM. Our product offerings includes several successful SAS solutions from data analysis of supplier and diversity spend to element error tracking, invoice/contract management and travel management.

Headquartered in heart of Silicon Valley Northbound USA based technology team is involved in training our customers and offshore centers in emerging technologies. Following the ISO process through all aspects of development phase we maintain very high data security. Our ability to do successful agile development has proven very valuable to customers in time and cost savings.

Our Methodologies


We Share Your Vision

Business success through innovation, market insight and client collaboration. Following ISO methodology standards in all phases to achieve high data and security.


We Are Committed to Your Success

We are committed in training our teams in Emerging technologies like AI, Machine learning, Block Chain to support customers custom development efforts.


We Focus on Results

Focused on customer service and employee satisfaction resulting in measurable results. Winner of several awards including Best New Product, TOP 20 Best Places to work and more.

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We offer High-end design and development services in Web, Cloud computing, Mobile application, Data management and ERP/CRM.

Our Contingent Workforce is ready to take on your most challenging projects.

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