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Data Intelligence

Information is at the heart of your business. In order to make smart business decisions, you need to be able to quickly turn the massive amounts of data scattered throughout your organization into relevant, meaningful information. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done.

Northbound solutions are designed to:

  • Better collect, manage and share meaningful information across your organization
  • Ensure information is always easily accessible to the people who need it.
  • Help you leverage today’s newest technologies to improve your efficiency and lower costs

Three central, critical components make up a well-designed managed information environment.

  1. Data Warehouse – More than a simple, central repository of data or a dumping ground for all company-generated data. It’s the persistent, consistent, reliable information store of record offering great value to the organization.
  2. Data Marts – The fast, efficient, intuitive structures supporting the interface for reporting and analysis. With the job of persistent storage left to the Data Warehouse, Data Marts are designed to be nimble and meet changing business needs.
  3. BI – An emerging capability positioned between Data Marts and business users. Typically used by business analysts, it allows users to acquire data from both the managed data environment (DW and DM) and marry it with external or other sources. By offering “as-needed” access, companies can experience cost savings and flexibility. However, these self-serve BI tools also increase the likelihood of inconsistent analysis due to variations in data used and rules applied.

Our Data Warehousing, BI and Analytics experts can help you:

  • Link business strategy to business intelligence, information management, performance management and analytics to optimize results
  • Define and align metrics/KPIs with business processes
  • Support or fully manage Data Acquisition (ETL), DW and BI architecture and development projects
  • Migrate and support your data warehouse applications

With our Data Migration solution, we can protect your data while helping you:

  • Expedite migration by leveraging automation
  • Meet go-live dates with proactive management
  • Reduce cost of migration with proactive data quality, data management and early involvement of data SMEs