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What a Premium Technology Solution Provider Offers Tech Industries

In the business world, a solution can be defined as a product, a combination of products and services or a mix of products and services that a service provider, vendor or valued added reseller (VAR) can offer to their clients. In almost every case, a solution is provided to address the client’s specific business problem or other need; for example, an IT solutions company may recommend a new multi-processor server as the solution to a client’s transaction processing bottleneck. Similarly, an outside service provider may be hired to provide routine servicing and repair services for business computers. Indeed, this service might be just the solution needed due to limitations of staffing or other overhead the client is dealing with.

Technology service providers such as NorthboundLLC offer technology services, often in the form of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), to particular market segments or industries boasting hundreds of thousands – sometimes even millions – of customers per year. These services typically include document-based transactions that demand a signature, but to bring the most efficiency to the table, these transactions need to be automated and electronically signed by the end customer.

Many technology solution providers perform this via Integrated Straight Through Processing (or STP), a method that utilizes an electronic process engine for managing single or multiple documents together as individual business transactions.

Features of a premium STP approach can include:

• Electronic signature
• Secure delivery
• Disclosure/review acknowledgement
• Custom workflow steps
• Form filling
• Advanced authentication

To be sure, boasting total control of every aspect of a service offering – without the need to rely on external connections or dependencies – will ensure the integrity and speed of a service. Through an organization like NorthboundLLC, a high-performance eSignature solution can be embedded right in an application, eliminating the need to depend on an external third-party SaaS provider.

An embedded solution provides the following key benefits to technology industries:

High Scalability – Customers trust solutions such as those offered by NorthboundLLC to flawlessly sign millions of documents a year via cloud-based service applications.
Lowest Latency – Large data payloads for documents can cause latency issues and unnecessary bandwidth consumption when using SaaS-based eSignature services; an embedded solution within a company’s core application provides the fastest and most efficient customer interaction.
Brandable to a Specific Design – Premium technology solutions easily allow companies to customize the entire user experience, including the signature block, to match their application demands exactly.
Easily Extendable – As a service portfolio grows, solutions can be easily extended to as many “use cases” as a business demands.
Reduced Risk – By embedding eSignature natively into an application, third-party liability is avoided.
Data Compliance – Data residency, data privacy and data protection all meet regulatory requirements via embedding as opposed to third-party services.

Solutions such as those provided by NorthboundLLC are perfect for when total control over every aspect of a service offering – one that touches hundreds of thousands or even millions of customers per year – is needed, and where avoiding any external connection and dependency is key.

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